Anti-drone system for 102nd Brigade defending Ukraine

Anti-drone system for 102nd Brigade defending Ukraine

From Oleksandra Bileychuk

I’m raising money for my friend's dad's Battalion. Composed largely of volunteers like him from my hometown, they have been self-funded since the start of the full-scale invasion, but desperately need our help now. 

Oleksandra Bileychuk

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Hi friends,

anyone who knows me knows how much of an impact the war in my birth country has had on me. I've been donating throughout, but now have a more personal request, which I'm kindly asking for your help with. 

A dear friend's dad has been fighting on the frontlines since the start of 2022. Due to the massive scale of what's happening, and the nature of war - with things getting constantly broken and destroyed, unfortunately many volunteers are not adequately supplied. In addition to what the government provides they have to rely on their personal funds, the help of family and friends, and fundraisers. After almost two years of fighting, as you can imagine the well has run a bit dry. Ukrainians fundraise and donate every day (this I promise you, I'm currently volunteering here and witness this firsthand) but we need a little extra help. 

His infantry battalion (74th) is currently stationed in one of the hottest directions. The enemy barrages them day and night and has recently stepped up their use of drones. They need protection. An anti-drone system will help save lives, as well as protect valuable gear. 

This war is extremely cruel and fast-paced, and every day is critical. I need to provide a first instalment by next Monday to get this system assembled and delivered in the weeks to come. The unit has already been lined up with the manufacturer, but I need to raise the funds to do so. 

For anyone who has doubts about helping the military please understand that these are simply our loved ones who were forced to give up their civilian lives to protect our people and land, and unfortunately are lacking the tools to do so. Please help me try to fill at least one important gap. Donate if you can and share. Thank you for reading! 

Note: The amount I'm fundraising for is for the entire system, not just the first instalment.

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