Live/Work Recording

Live/Work Recording

From Charles W Henry Elementary

We will buy a vacant warehouse in Philadelphia and convert it to live/work lofts with attached production suites for musicians.

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My partner David Nicholas and I are long time recording engineers/producers.  We've been making hit records in studios since the 80's.  We've seen technology evolve to the point where everyone can work out of their homes, but making noise at home is a difficult proposition.  Why should I care, you ask, I don't even live in Philly?  We believe that if we start this, and prove it's a successful business model, developers in more cities will see that catering to the music industry is a positive step forward.  How many of you stress trying to play loud/record at home?  Recording at home without proper treatment and isolation SUCKS, does it not?  We're going to unsuck it, and marry your studio and your residence.

We are in the process of developing a building that is specifically designed for the needs of musicians and production pros.  Cool lofts with fully isolated and commercial studio equivelent production suites so you can work at all hours without disturbing your neighbors or your housemates or SO.  A large tracking room for bigger sessions, and a great chill out area for your clients, so they don't have to look at your dirty underwear when they're not required in the studio.

A place for collaboration with other artists, where you can have someone come into your studio from down the hall and check out your kick drum sound or sing a background vocal.

We are in talks with some truly fabulous companies that believe in our vision, companies who are well known and respected in the recording industry, and we'll be able to reveal their identity shortly.  Meanwhile, Live/Work Recording needs assistance to cover the multitude of architect's fees and various other expenses that comes with planning a project like ours.  We need to get this done using the power of the musical artist community.   We need to show everyone that musicians can make good neighbors.

Please help.  Musicians have been left out of the mix for too long, there are plenty of buildings for visual artists to live and work from, it's time to give the noise making artists the environment they need to create.

The Building

• 20 Bi level lofts - soundproofed and acoustically treated production suite first floor, living area second floor • 25 high end lofts - no suites attached for non noise making residents • 3 stand alone individual production suites for outside clients • World class in house recording studio for larger sessions • 20,000 square feet of available restaurant, retail and luxury creative office space • LEED certified and green build/design team - to explore best practices in renewable energy and sustainable building • Extensive resident/client lounge for networking and relaxing while in session • Fastest possible in house internet and wireless signal boosters • On site live security and hi tech fire and security systems in place to protect residents and their equipment • Easy access, parking and loading • Landscaped interior sections of the building for chilling out and writing • Public outdoor green space with cutting edge digital projection art installations and food options - a place to promote our partners and residents alike • Ongoing education and workshops in recording production techniques from leading industry insiders •  Developed for engineers, producers and musicians by engineers, producers and musicians

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